• Our core purpose is combining the teaching of discipline-specific knowledge with the application of skills and understanding in a safe and secure environment across a broad range of subjects.
  • The Trust offers a varied and knowledge-rich curriculum to all its students.
  • Our aim is to ensure an excellent education for all our students based on providing the core knowledge that students need to succeed throughout their lives.
  • Our curriculum draws on the best that has been thought, said and done in each subject, allowing students to appreciate, make sense of and broaden their view of the world.
  • Through our teaching, we aim to develop the whole person so that each student can maximise their ability to both functions, and influence change, in their future environments.

The key principles we have embraced in developing our curriculum are:

  • All students are entitled to a curriculum that is appropriate to them and which provides each student with the opportunity to fulfill their potential.
  • Hand-in-hand with the knowledge that students need, we champion the values of engagement, respect, kindness and doing no harm. These values underpin and inform our interactions with each other.
  • For all students, learning is about making sense of the curriculum and both teachers and students have a responsibility to ensure that concepts are mastered before new ones are introduced, so that the hierarchy of knowledge is respected and maintained in all subjects
  • Our curriculum defines what is to be taught, in what order and when. It is the teacher’s role to decide on the best way to ensure that learning occurs, however students’ experience should be consistent, challenging and inspiring so that students love learning and feel the awe and wonder of discovering new information and understanding. This will, in turn, encourage them to want to learn more and more deeply.