At The Denbigh Alliance we harness ambition by delivering excellence and enriching the lives of all children within the Trust. Each of our schools has its own distinct character and is at the heart of their local community.

Our Trust will:

  • provide its students with the opportunity to achieve their full potential in a safe caring environment and give its schools the freedom to deliver a curriculum that best suits its students
  • have a strong governance presence that will ensure strategic objectives and legal compliance are achieved.
  • offer challenge and support from a strong central structure, ensuring high-class central functions that help our schools achieve their goals
  • inspire staff to be innovative, without the fear of blame and promote wellbeing
  • grow at a pace that best benefits all students and schools in the Trust and those joining
  • allow each school to retain their local identity to create a learning environment suitable for its local context
  • support and encourage schools to work closely with other Trust schools, sharing resources and best practices.

Our objectives will be met by:

  • building on our reputation and educational outcomes
  • ensuring the correct financial model for sustainable growth
  • robust and challenging governance
  • improving the skills and capacity of the central team
  • an efficient auditing and monitoring programme