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    We are a big organisation with a small feel and offer individualised care to our students

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    To achieve outstanding outcomes for all students, regardless of ability or background

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    We have a responsibility to enrich, broaden and deepen students’ learning by providing valuable experiences inside and outside the classroom

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It was Aristotle that first said “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”. At the Denbigh Alliance this is particulary true where we seek to find common purpose and synergies which will allow us all to benefit in a challenging but supportive environment. We believe that as we approach even more uncertain times that we will become stronger by working together in partnership, with aligned principles, ethos and moral purpose.

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Denbigh Alliance believes that only by working together will we become stronger. Our philosophy is built on allowing our schools to do what they do best, within a challenging but supportive environment

Supported Autonomy

We will support schools to maintain their autonomy, leveraging those areas of commonality for...

School Improvement

We have a strong Secondary and Primary School Improvement Team coving the entire range from...

Strong Governance

High quality governance is central to the success of the Trust. The Trust's governance...

Central Support

We have an extensive range of central support services that will allow school leaders to get on...

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Meet our Trustees

Mr Howe Chair

John graduated from University College London with a BSc in Maths, joining the IT industry, where he worked for a number of companies over 35 years.  As a senior IT manager and director for a major international IT services company, John worked in countries across Europe and the world, as well as in the UK, and was responsible for staff leadership and management, sales, client relations, business performance, and strategic direction.
John moved to Loughton, Milton Keynes with his family in 1985.  He developed a deep interest in education and became a trustee at his local primary school (Loughton School) in 1990 and remained a trustee there for over 20 years, with 6 years as Chair of Trustees.  John has also served as a trustee at Denbigh School for 20 years, where he is currently Vice Chair of Trustees and Chair of the Curriculum Committee.  He is also a member of the Milton Keynes School Forum.
John is also a Trustee of Shenley Leisure Centre and Chairman of his local cricket club, Crown CC.

Mr Hawthorne Joint Voice Chair

Bruce Hawthorne is a Senior Manager of a multi-national manufacturer in the industry. He has lived in Milton Keynes for more than 25 years and his children were educated at Denbigh. His interest in education stems from supporting and encouraging his children throughout their education, and he managed and supported the Denbigh Parents Association for many years through its fundraising activities.
Becoming a parent trustee in 2008, he has served on and as vice-chair of both the Curriculum and Finance and Buildings Committees. He has taken a lead role in major projects including the introduction of a new catering contractor, a process that transitioned successfully in January 2016.

Ms McGuire Joint Voice Chair

After studying for a degree in Economics at Newcastle University and a Masters in Social and Economic Aspects of Science and Technology at Imperial College Sharon worked as a researcher at the Engineering Industry Training Board. Sharon has written several papers on the sectors of the Engineering Industry and was involved in a survey of Women in Engineering. After her second child was born she took a 5 year career break and then went to work for the DWP where she continues to work today.  Sharon became a parent trustee at her child’s first school in Watford and became a parent trustee at Denbigh in 2004.   Sharon’s skills are in financial management, corporate governance, human resources and procurement.