Savannah WALES

Denbigh taught me how to flourish as a person, without their guidance and support I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. I grew particularly interested in the Humanities department during my time at Denbigh. They taught me to have confidence in my critical thinking. They also opened my mind to world structures and ecosystems. Denbigh has set the foundation for my career in fashion public relations


My journey to becoming a dentist started and progressed through Denbigh. I learned the importance of working hard, whilst taking breaks for life too. From the start, I had continuous support and praise, with teachers encouraging me to strive to achieve my goals and dreams


Denbigh School holds a very special place in my heart. It was here that I made such faithful friends, had the privilege of being taught by such passionate and enthusiastic teachers, and could also immerse myself fully into the academics, as well as all the extracurricular activities that were on offer. My time at Denbigh, from Year 8 to Year 13 has shaped me as a person today – I cannot begin to repay all that the school has done for me, and how beautifully the teachers mentored me. Denbigh is an outstanding school, and I look back upon my time there very fondly – I always look forward to any potential visits back!


If it hadn’t been for the support that Denbigh provided, I wouldn’t have achieved such high grades in my A Levels which guaranteed my place at the University of York. The opportunities that Denbigh provides are second to none, and I particularly learnt a lot whilst serving as House President. This developed my communication and leadership skills, which in turn enabled me to become a successful mentor for first year students at York University.

David DOWN

Denbigh was the first step in my journey. I was taught to work hard, challenge myself but to also respect others. Denbigh enabled me to not only perform well academically but also in the sport of Judo. During my time at Denbigh, I was competing for Great Britain. Denbigh was very supportive, continuously praising me on my success which gave me the confidence to do well in other aspects of my life