Care – We are a big organisation with a small feel and offer individualised care to our students

We pride ourselves on being a big organisation with a small feel. We achieve this through the individualised care we offer our students.

We believe that all students are unique and interesting individuals and that providing a caring and nurturing environment will support them in their development as young adults to become exceptional and valued contributors to society, making a positive difference in their communities.

Through the PSHEE curriculum, students will embody the Trust’s ethos regarding respect for all, British values, tolerance of others and the need to make well informed choices regarding their physical and mental health and wellbeing. This will also encompass behaviour outside of school and using online technologies.

The Student Voice is a strength of the Trust with student councils playing a pivotal role in the running and development of our schools.

Students with pastoral and learning needs will be identified early in the transition process by the Trust’s dedicated SEND team. Disadvantaged students will be supported by a dedicated ‘Pupil Premium Champion’ who will ensure equality of opportunity.

All students will have access to high quality, independent advice to enable them to make informed choices at key transition points and will also gain an understanding of financial capability and economic awareness.

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