Code Breaking at Denbigh

Denbigh students have had a fascinating session with nationally renowned author, journalist, and mathematician Simon Singh MBE, unlocking the secrets behind cryptography and learning about how codes are used to protect information and communication across the world.  During the session students had an interactive demonstration of a working World War 2 Enigma machine, one of only a handful in the country, as they learnt about the origins of coding at Bletchley Park. 

The session also involved a presentation by Tom Briggs, a Maths Educator and Museum Learning Consultant who has worked for many years at Bletchley Park.  Indeed, it was Tom who taught Benedict Cumberbatch how to use the Enigma machine for the film ‘The Imitation Game’.

Denbigh’s Head of School, Dr Andrea Frame said: ‘We are delighted that Simon Singh MBE has taken the time to visit Denbigh to give our students an insight into the fascinating world of keeping secrets.  Being able to see a real working Enigma machine had a huge impact on our students.  We are very grateful to Simon and Tom for the wonderful session they put on’.

Andy Squires, CEO of the Denbigh Alliance Trust who was at the session said: ‘The students were totally engaged, particularly during the ‘hands-on’ session with the Enigma machine.  The session brought home to our students just how remarkable the achievements of the men and women of our very own Bletchley Park were’.

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