Denbigh Alumni Returns

Denbigh students were inspired by a visit from former student Sanjeet Chandi, who has opened his own dessert restaurant, called ‘Treat Street’ in Bedford and is planning to open a second restaurant in the MK1 Shopping Centre this April. Sanjeet spoke to GCSE and A Level Business students about how, within five years of completing his studies at Denbigh, he has turned his passion into a thriving business.

The students were captivated by Sanjeet’s story and impressed with the perseverance and determination he has shown in making his brand a success. He gave them an insight into the importance of using social media to promote your brand and of having a Unique Selling Point or ‘USP’, to stand out from your competitors.

Andy Squires, Headteacher of Denbigh School who was on hand to welcome Sanjeet back to Denbigh said: ‘The students who listened to Sanjeet found him very relatable, as only five years ago he was sitting where they are now. His talk gave them a real-life insight into business and the challenges entrepreneurs face when setting up a new business. This visit was part of an ‘Alumni Network Programme’ that we are launching at the School, which we hope will bring more former students back to school to inspire the next generation of Denbigh students, just as Sanjeet did’.

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