Opportunity – We enrich, broaden and deepen students’ learning beyond the classroom

Crucial to achieving outstanding educational outcomes, we have a responsibility to enrich, broaden and deepen students’ learning by providing valuable experiences inside and outside the classroom that promote independence and skills, contributing to them becoming successful and fulfilled members of society.

  • The Alliance will offer enrichment programmes consisting of extra-curricular activities that will develop the skills of Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Independence, and Communication (LORIC).
  • Activities will range from chess clubs, dance groups, debating societies, eco-schools and residential trips both within the UK and internationally. All schools will benefit from the Alliance’s extensive experience in organizing and running these types of activities. Throughout the year, all school faculties will contribute to the programme ensuring we offer an extensive range of activities to engage all.
  • Students will also be encouraged to test their skills in local and international arenas across areas as diverse as performing arts, music, sports, STEM and the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. Students will also be consulted regularly on opportunities they would like to be made available within the school.
  • The Alliance knows that enrichment is so much more than simply bolt-on extra-curricular activities. As part of a wider curriculum plan, careful consideration will be given to the relevance and impact of opportunities on student outcomes and progress.
  • We will also provide a wide range of leadership opportunities for our students, including membership of Student, House and School Councils feeding into local governance and participation in Student Voice.
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